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Abigail wins best writer in My First Story 2017 - The South West

Out of 9000 entries Abigail's story was chosen as the winner for the My First Story 2017 - The South West edition. Well done Abigail!

Abigail’s winning story

Magic Door Story

One sunny day, Emma and Ben were walking the dog. Suddenly, the dog started barking at a magic door in a tree. Emma and Ben got sucked though the magic door. When they were through the magic door they found themselves standing right next to a castle!

As they went past the castle they thought, wow! They walked through the bushes and mushrooms. On one mushroom there was something! It was a fairy!

“Hello my name is violet,” said the fairy.

“Where have you come from?” asked the little fairy.

“We have come through a magic door in a tree!” replied Emma. The fairy decided that she liked the children and joined them as they searched the magic land.

The friends continued on their way and after a little while they met a stinky, smelly, green troll with flies above his head. The troll said he was called Tom Pig.

“Do you want to come to my house?” said the troll.

They arrived at the troll’s house and Emma and Ben were amazed!

“Wow!” said Ben.

“Why is your house made of ginger?” said Emma.

“Because then I can eat it when I am hungry,” replied the troll grumpily. The troll let them in and there were party hats, a cake, presents, orange juice and ice cream and a seat for Violet the little fairy.

When the party was over, they all got party bags and presents. They all got to keep their sparkly and stripy party hats. They were getting tired so they went back through the magic door and finished walking the dog.

The end