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Blackpool Sands - Class Invincible Trip

Today Class Invincible had a trip to Blackpool Sands to investigate where our food comes from? We visited the 'Venus cafe' and staff informed us where products and produce sold at the cafe comes from. Lots of produce are sourced locally from Devon and Cornwall, such as Salcombe ice cream to crab and lobsters from Dartmouth. We plotted our findings on our maps and located coffee etc from Sumatra. It was very interesting and we were delighted to see some fresh pollack from Plymouth used for fish fingers and a Cornish pasty from near Newquay. Thank you to the staff at Venus cafe who also gave us a little treat of biscuits make by the cafe in Halwell and some hot choc! We finished the morning with a castle building competition and listened to sounds and considers sights of the beach for our poetry before the walk back to school. A lovely morning. We are so lucky to have such a fantastic beach on our doorstep.