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Class Challenger Fire Fighter visit

This week class Challenger were so excited to have a visit from Dartmouth Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service. We have been learning about the Great Fire of London so we were full of questions; learning about how fire safety has changed. We learnt about fire alarms, how fire fighters tackle fires, what they wear and tried their protective clothing on. We found out what is like to be a fire fighter, how quick they have to be ready and why they wanted to have an important job in the fire and rescue service. Also we were delighted to use and spray water from the fire hose, see and get in the fire engine plus hear the siren! It was a fascinating afternoon. Thank you to Fire Fighters Simon, Darren and Lee for talking to us and the crew for sparing some time to visit us. We are very grateful and appreciate the work that they do in our community in keeping us safe.