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Careers week at Stoke Fleming School

Thank you so much to all of the parents and carers who we had visit the school during careers week. The children were so inspired by finding out about what people do. Sadly we didn't get photos of everyone but these are some of the lovely comments from the children:

Shea's mum - 'Her job is like being a building detective and doctor'

Eowyn's mum - 'It is so interesting and 'brainy' I liked finding out about the rats and how they used their memory'

Alfie's mum - 'It is so interesting learning how to respond to clients comments'

Dexter's dad - 'It is such intricate and detailed work he carries out'

Arthur's dad - 'It made me realise that buildings have so much more to them than you think!'

Tilly's mum - 'She was so inspirational, she said to follow your dreams!'

Taik's dad - 'It was just amazing to see what he could create'

Ned's dad - 'It is amazing to see the real plane parts'

Ethan's dad - 'There is so much equipment to carry'

Finley and Isla's mum - 'I didn't know sucking sweets helped your ears! The life jackets were really fun.'

Abigail's mum - 'I was so interested to know that she has a window pouch for puppies which get tired.'

Anabel's dad - 'I didn't know that there were so many 0 and 1's behind the screen making our games work.'

Max, Mikey & Milo's mum - 'I didn't know there were so many books to read through to find out the rules.'

Lucas' mum - 'The pictures of the restaurant were amazing.'

Ash's mum - 'It was interesting and the books were great.'

Olivia & Rosella's mum - 'I loved all of the different materials she had.'

Isla's dad - 'He has been on so many adventures!'

Tilly's mum - 'She is so kind helping all of the people.'

Sophia's mum - 'I love the chocolate!'

Sam's dad - 'He has worked in some cool places.'

Thomas' dad - 'He can make anything!'

Ruby's parents - 'It was interesting to hear about helping children.'