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Eden Project

Class Challenger and Invincible started their Science week with a trip to the Eden Project.

Class Invincible were promised a trip to the Rainforest towards the end of their class topic and this is exactly what they had. They embarked on a quest of discovery through the Rainforest Biome that educated them how the rainforest can be drawn upon to give them what they need to survive. Children observed what grows in the Rainforest and identified plants for survival. Giving them food, water and helping to supply shelter. Oscar said, 'It was so hot in the Rainforest, I could feel sweat dripping from me!' The best part about the Rainforest was the wobbly bridges across the waterfalls and exploring the rain clouds.

Class Challenger explored images of homes in Brazil and he UK and discovered similarities and differences between the two countries, before exploring the conditions experienced by people who live there. After exploring the Rainforest Biome, the children used their knowledge of shapes and resources in the design and build a rainforest shelter.

We all had a fabulous day trip to the Eden Project and we look forward to sharing what we discovered.