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Art at Dartmouth Academy

On Tuesday 27th March, Year 5 went on an art media trip to Dartmouth Academy. When they arrived, which was around 9.30, they headed straight to the art department to get started on their work. Mrs Perrot, who was their art teacher, first told them to write their name on a piece of paper and several things about themselves. Then, they got the oil pastels – which were very hard to use- to create a river of emotions by listening to music. Shortly after, Miss Perrot brought out the ink to create different colours to show different emotions. The class then had to go and get their photo taken to add to their picture. After, they enjoyed squash and cookies whilst getting their photos back to create a collage over their work with five other beach related photos. Finally, after all their hard work, Mrs Perrot spray painted on the work and gave them all a bag, pen and balloon. The children reported that they had learnt that everyone can access art in one way or another!

by Esme and Millie