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Year 4/5 - Discovery


We are a mixed class of Year 4 and 5 with a lot of enthusiasm and drive to learn! We strive to be an independent and supportive class, ensuring that not only do we direct our own learning where we can, but we also support others in doing so! We spend the mornings working hard on our Maths and English, always looking for opportunities to show a greater depth of understanding. We can often be found nestled away in our reading books or behind a computer taking our Accelerated Reader tests to challenge our comprehension. During the afternoons, we explore, dream, and discover as Geographers, Historians, Musicians, Theologians, Linguists, Artists, Sportspersons and many more! Whatever we are participating in- we are always aiming high and being rights respecting pupils!


Teacher: Amy Wyatt

Teaching Assistant: Joni Abraham

Amy Wyatt

Joni Abraham

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