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Little lanterns and the EYFS

Little Lanterns and the EYFS


Our Little Lanterns Foundation Stage Unit incorporates both the pre-school and the Reception class and is overseen by our Foundation Stage Leader, Kelly Barraclough.


We take children from 2 to 5 years old.  We are open every day from 9am- 3pm.  We also offer early starts for all pre-school pupils (from 8.30am) or later finishes (6pm) at our After School Club (this is only open to four year olds).


We provide highly valued and worthwhile play opportunities in the Little Lanterns.  Planning across our Foundation Stage Unit provides a balance of child initiated and adult led play.  We plan as a Foundation Stage team exciting activities to engage all children, following as much as possible the children’s own interests.   We strive to develop happy, independent learners who have a thirst for exploring.


We are very lucky at Stoke Fleming with the space we have to play and learn.  We have access to three large classrooms and three outdoor spaces including a big Mud Kitchen, covered building area and a grassed garden with story thrones, race track and digging area.  


We have free flowing access for all children throughout the unit at various points in the day.  Children can take part in role play, construction, creative activities, physical play, mark making, story shelf activities, number activities and messy play to name a few of the areas we have.  Little Lanterns take part in Adventure School on a Wednesday morning which is very popular with all the children (and adults).  We go on school trips as a unit which is always lots of fun.  We have our very own class pet 'Buster the Rabbit'. We help look after him, feeding him, cleaning him out and making sure he has lots of cuddles.  He does like to go on adventures at the weekend to children's houses. 


If you would like to come and have a look around our pre-school please call 01803 770244 to book an appointment.


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